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Reading Group has been started as an interactive peer review based platform to share knowledge and research issues in various domains for each department. Idea here is to provide platform to post-graduate students to present their research to their peers. Many departments have successfully started reading group and rest are in process of getting on board. Initial response to this initiative has been very encouraging.



Improving R & D environment in the department


Encouraging Interaction between students and research groups


Providing avenues for collaborative research


Encouraging more participation in conferences and journal publications


Platform to improve communication skills with an interactive session


Evolution and evaluation of new ideas


Improving communication and presentation skills of the students


Institute SRG for Control Theory and Control Systemm

It is the extension of department wide SRG activity. Considering the fact that control systems theory is common to various discipline of engineering a institute wide reading group of all the relevant branches will be great asset to the Institute. We believe that this will take us to new realm of collaborative research and bring the various specializations close enough to produce some phenomenal research output.

Expected outcomes
  • Improvement in collaborative research
  • Understanding new trends in control theory and control systems
  • Enhancement in the interaction between various specialization and research groups.


The EE students’ reading group is constituted with the aim to encourage graduate students and research scholars to share their research activities with the student community. The group functions in four broad clusters consisting of the following department specialisations -Communication & Signal Processing, Control & Computing, Power Electronics & Power systems and Microelectronics & Electronic Systems. The group annually conducts the 5 Minute Research Challenge to encourage innovative ideas from the students. Best speakers and presenters are recognized by the Department.

Expected outcomes
  • Improved R&D environment in the department.
  • Interaction between students and research groups.
  • Collaborative research.
  • Collaborative research.
  • Improvement in communication and presentation skills of the students.


Sagar Sharma

Overall Co-ordinators

Phone : +91 887 945 6741

Email: sagars[at]ee.iitb.ac.in