Summer of Science

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” - Leonardo da Vinci Summer of Science is an initiative by the Maths and Physics Club, to encourage, and help discover the joy of learning. SoS helps students gain insights into a field they are interested in and learn beyond their coursework, by matching them with experienced mentors. This reading project is conducted during the summer vacation and has seen some exciting growth in the past few years. Summer of Science was started in 2016 and in the past 5 years it has expanded from a room full of people to 520+ applications and 340+ report submissions along with 180+ mentors! We believe learning should be limitless and unhindered and the best possible way to learn is trying things out on your own! A report has to be submitted by the end of summer and all the reports will be displayed on our website! The people who submit the report will also be given a certificate of participation. The only prerequisite required is enthusiasm and the will to learn something new. The mentors help with resources and doubts, but the most interesting part of SoS is self-exploration. After all, there is a thrill being a pilot of your own plane!

Institute Technical Summer Project

ITSP (Institute Technical Summer Project) is a flagship program held every year targeting the freshmen population of the institute. It is the first major project that lets them experience completing a project from start-to-end. Teams are allocated senior students as mentors inline with their chosen projects. Given the current situation, this year's edition was conducted entirely online.

Seasons of Code

Seasons of Code is a programme launched by the WnCC, along the lines of GSoC. The fundamental difference is that one can choose from the ideas offered by mentors who are senior undergrads, doctorate students or professors, and in some exceptional cases, startups. Seasons of Code gives an amazing opportunity to learn and dive into coding under the mentorship of the best in our institute. For the mentors, this is a great opportunity to get some serious work done on one of their hobby projects or some idea that they have been really interested in for a while. Since the start of this initiative, about 70 projects have been completed. This year itself we had 30 projects and around 250 participants. We have had projects in many diverse fields including development, machine learning, cybersecurity, augmented reality and many more. It is great to see the enthusiasm each year from both the mentors and the mentees. Some very good projects have been ideated in SoC. The InstiApp used extensively by the student community of IIT Bombay started as a project under Seasons of Code. The idea was later further undertaken by members of the Web and Coding Club and InstiApp was successfully developed and deployed in our Institute.

Tech RnD Expo

The Tech and RnD Expo provides a platform for the students to showcase their innovative ideas and projects. It has the tech teams of the institutes along with teams from various projects initiatives such as ITSP, Technovation, BTP projects, DDP Projects etc., share their work and progress. Spread across two days, it sees tech teams showcasing their projects, right from our own racing car to mars rovers. The weekend also sees talk sessions with professors and alumni who have excelled in their respective domains. Student projects are a main spectacle of this event. One gets to know and interact with the students who work on all technical and research-based activities that make this institute the best technical institute in this country.

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