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How it all started

I wanted to invent new things. That was my biggest motivation to do Tech stuff. Leading a change in the society and industry seemed much easier and doable through technology and innovation as compared to other things, say, like politics.

In my first year, I participated in Electronics Club Summer Projects(ECSP 2011) and worked on developing a Voice Recognition Software implementing AI and ML. We further tried to embed the software into the Security System.

In 2012, the first-ever Inter IIT Tech Meet was held in IIT Kanpur. The theme was "Innovation". I, along with my team secured the second position for our project, "Piezoelectric based Pulse Electrical Sensor to measure heart rate and other parameters”.

In Xcelerate, I was lucky to work extensively on PIDs for Line Follower bots and Automation. In various Tech events, I got a good grasp of Control Systems and PIDs.

While in Tech Team Mars Rover, we were lucky to visit Australia to test our Mar Rover on Mars-like terrain. I was involved in manufacturing a robotic arm for Rover for Cyanobacteria Analysis of soil samples.

I saw my Hostel Penthouse, H5 win the Tech GC in 2012 in my tenure of Hostel Tech Secy. In my third year, I started working as Manager of Electronics Club, and the year following I assumed the position of Overall Co-ordinator for STAB, Student’s Technical Activity Body. Such leadership roles added to my set of people skills.

Post-Insti Life

I started my career journey as a Network Design Engineer with NTT Communications, Tokyo, Japan. I switched to a German Company to work as an RnD Engineer, followed by another German Company where I worked on AI before finally co-founding my Start-up Tvarit in Germany. At Tvarit, we build and provide AI solutions to solve all kinds of manufacturing problems and data science needs. We enable businesses to make smart and informed decisions by deriving actionable and valuable insights from a sea of data. We provide AI Solutions, AI framework, and AI consulting services to complete your all AI and data science projects. Recently, we have achieved many prestigious awards. Thus, being recognized as the most innovative AI company in Europe and Germany.

Words of Wisdom for Juniors

Get as much exposure as possible and try getting hands-on experience through Technical activities. After a year or two in your career, you need to manage people. People skills that you pick up while working in Teams come very handy. Further, when you are promoted to manage a product, you need to be familiar with ground facts to carry out efficient technology benchmarking, and these skills are gained through hands-on experience very effectively during college years.

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