Biotech Club IIT Bombay

“Connecting Engineers and Biologists”

About Us

The Biotech Club is a student organization that hosts events and provides services that allows the club members to explore the amazing world of bioengineering and quite interesting interdisciplinary horizons like Biophysics, Biomedicals and biotechnology. The club’s mission is to bridge the gap between Engineers and Biologists thereby inspiring great discoveries to be applied in biomedical and healthcare fields. The club also organizes various events and competitions to foster interest in biotechnology and further the members’ knowledge into some of the leading techniques that are used in biotechnology field. In nutshell, our aim is to educate the members of the club about advancements in biotechnology science and if possible encourage them to make some

Vision Of the Club

The Biotech club sees itself as a student platform to foster a community of members with shared interests in biotechnology. Biotechnology is rapidly changing and advancing and is all set to be the key technological game changer in 21st century. We envision ourselves to be a community of bio-enthusiasts which strives towards increasing the level of enthusiasm and knowledge for Biotech and Bioengineering establishing a link between biology and engineering so that engineers can contribute towards biology.