TEAM 2021
Sabhya Sanchi
Sabhya Sanchi
hi, I'm sabhya from Gaya, Bihar.
pursuing Chemical eng. I love music, novels,
badminton and always ready to explore
new places and things.
Jai Jobanputra
 Jai Jobanputra
Hi this is Jai, from Chattisgarh, Bilaspur,
aerospace department. My hobbies
are chess and reading
Aniruddh Radhakrishnan
Aniruddh Radhakrishnan
"The sky is infinite, and so is your potential
to realize your dreams. Keep hustling and
keep smiling."
:Probably this quote runs my
entire life
Rohit kumar jaiswal
Rohit kumar jaiswal
Hi, I m Rohit jaiswal, from Dhanbad,Jharkhand,
pursuing Aerospace eng. I love cricket,
lawn tennis, aeromodelling,robotics
and exploring new things .
Vignesh Anand
Vignesh Anand
Likes things that fly.
Abhay Kadapa
Abhay Kadapa
Eager to learn new things. Passionate
in gaming. A movie freak. Special
interests in Stealth Aircrafts.
Aman Malekar
 Harshil Naik
Amandron- that's my virtual alias. I find my solace
in FPV freestyle flying. Music,
Art and Astronomy are my portals
to escape the intricacies of life. Send memes to
initiate friend.exe.
Harshil Naik
 Harshil Naik
Hey guys, I'm from Surat, and fell in
love with Drones due to Sci-fi movies.
I read a lot, love mountains a lot.
These days, I'm trying my hand at
making a Bicopter VTOL
Riya Agrawal
Riya Agarwal
I'm Riya Agrawal from MEMS department,
lives in jaipur. I Love music, Reading, writing,
Cooking and travelling. Love to explore
new things whether robotics
Or coding.
Jateen Bhagat
 Jateen Bhagat
I'm Jateen Bhagat from Aerospace Department.
Aeromodelling enthusiast, Love to bulid
and fly plane....
Piyush Porwal
Piyush Porwal
I'm aerospace dept. sophie from Neemuch(MP).
I am Aeromodelling enthusiast, loves Web,
designing, building creative stuff and
learning and exploring new things.
Atharva Mete
Atharva Mete
From Aerospace Dept. I'm more into tech,
especially Autonomous UAVs. I find my
solace in culinary arts and like to read.
Ever-ready for hot discussion on
web series or politics.
Prathamesh Nakhate
Prathamesh Nakhate
Hi, I am Prathamesh Nakhate.
Always ready to explore.
Dream Big, Enjoy Life.